555 Days Towards Level 9000: Prelude



Hello everybody! This is Michael Ferrarella, Head Geek here at Certified Practical. I’m here to introduce my new, personal Geeky project which I am calling “555 Days Towards Level 9000.”

If you know me on Facebook or the regular world, you know that I wrapped up a project in November called “365 Days of Gratitude.” This is based on an actual book by that name in which the participant spends 365 days in a row finding something to be grateful for each day.

I did the project in my own way, posting 365 entries that lasted roughly a year and a half. In that time, I went from living in a teeny tiny box that was very comfortable and certain, but so limited to living in a much bigger box that permitted new experiences. But, still limiting.

This new project shatters that box and is me allowing myself permission to live the life that I don’t know. Maybe this means going skydiving. Maybe this means learning discipline in my every day Life. Likely, it means more than I can even imagine right now.

It’s 555 days long, posting every single day with a focus each day on one part of my personal growth. Every day a video will be part of the entry.

Why 555 Days, you ask? Well, because 555 is the number that came to mind.

No, seriously. It came to mind and just didn’t leave. I researched the number, and apparently 5 is symbolic of positive change. Three 5s emphasizes this more.

I compare this journey to Batman’s time spent in Nanda Parbat or Doctor Strange in Kamar Taj, except my journey is here in the Earth Realm where time most assuredly continues on.

I expect that at the end of this project, I will be a very different version of Mike.

Join me on this journey. I will post every day and will include a relevant video.

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