555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 5

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 5.

Awake Time: 10:33 a.m.


It’s not the right time. I’m not ready.

Have you ever said this about any endeavor you were interested in undertaking? Have you looked at yourself and the opportunity and decided that there was something about you that wouldn’t be “ready” to take on the task?

I know I have. Many times. Over and over again, letting opportunities fall to the wayside because I wasn’t “ready.” The time wasn’t “right.” Years go by, I get older. Gray hairs show up in my beard. Opportunities still not taken.

The “not ready/not the right time” mindset is utter nonsense. There never is a “right” time. We will never be fully “ready.”

The point of this life is to take on things as Life presents them to us. Call it the Flow of Life. If you read Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series, he refers to this phenomenon as The Beam.that guides the path of our existence. Whatever you choose to call it, this is a real thing.

Follow it, and Live. The Path does not care if you are ready or not. Seize what is presented to you.


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