555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 7

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 7.

Arise Time: 10:34 a.m.


One of my favorite quotes from the movie “Inception” comes during an interaction between Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Saito, played by Ken Watanabe.

Cobb asks the question, “What is the most resilient parasite?”

“Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm?”


An idea,” he answers for all of us. “Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.”

I take this further and suggest that we need to guard our minds. We need to guard the thoughts that take hold in there. These thoughts, taken form as ideas, affect our actions and dealings in the world.

All of us already have ideas that have taken form as patterns and ways of living. Many of these have existed since our earliest days. Our internal monologue contributes. Limiting beliefs play in our minds and take root as ideas.

To combat the negative ideas that fight for our attention, we have to implant positive ideas that can be immediately recalled. Positive, self-affirming and motivating thoughts will squash the negative ones that seep into our daily activities.

Without this backup, we can watch the negative ideas infiltrate and reshape our thoughts on things that we even previously enjoyed. Suddenly, the book we are reading and enjoy seems awful and uninteresting. The interaction with a person that was exhilarating and exciting, has a shroud of negativity and deception. The desire to create art that has never been seen before goes from motivating to shameful.

Guard your mind.

Personally, I limit the amount of outside influence that my mind intakes. I won’t watch every movie. I won’t read every book or magazine/internet article. Not all music touches my ears. We don’t “have” to experience everything. I choose not to.

Reinforce yourself with your knowledge of yourself, your beliefs and your Truth.


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