555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 22

[Originally published on Facebook on February 12, 2017.]

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 22.

Time Awake: 10:41 a.m.


Recognizing one’s part-to-whole connection to the greater Universe allows for deeper life experiences. Feeling intense sensations of unity with other people. Personally experiencing what I’ve only previously read about related to people vibrating. And turbulence. Lots of it. Some mine, presumably other belonging to other people.

Also intense experiences of seemingly ordinary things. I see coffee cups fall right before they do. I know the next song that is going to play in a random place. I think of someone and they immediately call on the phone. Or, I know the exact time they will call. Accuracy after accuracy after accuracy.

I am also well aware of the non-linear nature of time, as well as how I am tethered to this point in existence. Yet, I have times of seeing things from the past crystal clear. And I see what’s to come, forgetting that it hasn’t happened yet.

On top of all that, my dreams continue to be super realistic. My Dad appears in them a lot. He always lives at the house I grew up in, over in Middle Village. In the dreams, the house never looks the same: sometimes it’s a home in a swamp, another time it’s a corporate housing structure. But he’s always there, and the address is always the one that corresponds to my childhood home.

My mind’s been everywhere as of late, which gets a bit distracting. So I reached out to my friend Dan, who is a hypnotherapist and works with meditating, grounding and centering.

He recommended using one of his grounding meditations, as found on his webpage at


In the process, Dan told me, I would be able to center myself and my spot in existence. Also, after being grounded, I could communicate with whatever forces I encountered — spiritual, cosmic or otherwise — and ask for guidance to properly utilize all of the sensory experiences.

Last night, I listened to the Tree of Life Grounding Meditation.before bed and communicated with the energy that I felt around me. I slept great. This morning, I spoke with Dan for a bit to help quiet the fast, noisy internal sensations that were distracting me. Doing so helped to calm me and open my mind to new perspectives on topics that I had been subconsciously mulling over.

Tonight, I am listening to the Tree of Life Grounding Meditation again. The attached video will be me listening to it and will end before I begin quiet communication.

(As an aside, the uploading of tonight’s video took quite a long time, involving multiple retries. I recognized the lesson of patience and persistence here, which also applies to many other aspects of my Life. The Universe always teaches. It’s up to me to catch my personal lessons.)


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