555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 40

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 40.
Time Awake: 10:47 a.m.
One of my favorite phrases is: “The Universe Provides.”
Because it does. That which we want, that which we need, we let the Universe know what that something is, and the Universe goes out of its way to make it so. The Universe provides all the signs along the way while we make the effort.
Step by step by step. Unwavering.
A friend of mine recently shared a story about her moving. She wanted to do so by a particular date and intended to pack nothing more than what fit into her vehicle. During the packing process, she found that she had more items, so she decided to rent a U-haul attachment for her vehicle. And she was determined to move by the certain date.
Yet, she could not get the U-haul attachment, thanks to various mishaps and confusions with the company and otherwise. She took a step back. The Universe was speaking here.
She decided to downsize. Give away, donate and otherwise detach herself from more of her possessions. To the point that she was able to pack just what fit into her vehicle. Nothing more. She’s happier with this decision and the universe provided her desire.
To catch The Universe in action, one has to listen not with the logical brain but the essence of ourselves, found within. Call it a soul, call it what you will. It’s our essence.
I’m not hating on the logical brain. I utilize mine all the time. Thanks to my logical brain, I can plan, collate and plot out every part of my Life. I can plan, replan and have contingency plans for every single aspect of my existence.
This, however, does get tiring and can lead to me being cranky, curmudgeonly Mike. You know who else plans and replans all things? Batman.
Batman is great. He plans for all eventualities. He’s always prepared. Mostly. But would you ever hear Batman say that the Universe provided? I doubt it.
(Sorry, Batman.)
The Universe Provides. If you pay attention, you will catch the Universe’s majesty in action. And if you don’t pay attention, The Universe is still going to work in your best interests.
One more time: The Universe Provides.




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