555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 57

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 57.
Time Awake: 9:01 a.m.
Whatever topic I may have been inclined to speak and write about went to the back burner. I recorded my video on the digital camera, but the laptop was not feeling well. The laptop gets fritzy on occasion, with the screen going all white or the images become discolored or jumbled on the screen.
I’ll take this opportunity to speak of gratitude, but as pertaining to inanimate objects. Just as we are “Star Stuff,” just as our atomic makeup is the same as that in the cosmos, so the same is for inanimate objects. For that alone, we need to appreciate the existence of inanimate objects. Add onto that the way inanimate objects serve and enrich our lives.
My laptop in particular has served me well for years. Prior, it served my brother for a series of years. At this point, it’s wearing down and won’t always cooperate. It reminds me of the television I had while I was growing up. Sometimes the picture jumped around, developed horizontal lines and scrolled upward. My brother, sister or I would should “The TV’s running!” and we’d have to turn a button on the back that would stabilize the picture.
And when that didn’t work, we’d hit the TV until the picture was normal again.
Similar experience for the Nintendo video game system. We’d blow into the game cartridges when they weren’t cooperating, presumably to loosen and remove the dust. But when that didn’t work, we’d hit the Nintendo on the back until the game loaded properly.
Did any of the hitting help the machines to work any faster? Likely not. Because hitting doesn’t solve anything.
Going back to the laptop, I could keep hitting the screen until it stabilizes. Or breaks. And while some light backhands to the screen have jostled everything into place, I don’t know that the impact itself made the difference.
At the same time, I’m not saying to sit back and just say, “I am thankful for my tech and will sit here and wait until it gets better.” There is a middle ground that still involves gratitude for the object and its purpose, while being proactive in helping the machine to function to its best.
In the worst case scenario, if the laptop were to not return to working order, I would compensate. Maybe videos wouldn’t be posted right away. Maybe I’d have to seek a new temporary work station. Maybe I’d have to do all my work for the library.
Options are always available if you are willing to look for them.
At this point of posting, the laptop is back to working order. I let it sleep overnight and gave it a tap of encouragement this morning. And I said thank you to the laptop for being my home-based portal to the Internet and computer-based activities.
It’s important to do that. Gratitude.


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