555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 59

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 59.
Time Awake: 9:25 a.m.
I’m touching upon a few topics today. First, I start with a conversation I had with my Mom today. She mentioned that a potentially difficult situation was met with the solution that she needed. This solution eases her mind and allows for the situation itself to be resolved in its time.
My Mom told me that she knew that the situation would be resolved because a certain number showed up in relation to the situation. There are certain numbers that mattered greatly to her and my step-dad; one of them appeared here and it was The Universe telling her all would be well. And it was.
There are certain numbers that appear for me as well. They serve as guideposts and signs from The Universe. As part of a text conversation today, one such number appeared as the time in the text. This was The Universe giving its “thumbs up” to me and telling me that all is well. Old Man Mike would smile, and probably was (will be?).
Changing topics, I am sure you may have noticed that “Day 58” was not posted yesterday, but actually a few days ago. Yes. This is because I’ve been living very much in the the real and present world. And that’s okay. Indulging fully in Life is important and necessary.
But returning to the world, I found myself inundated by people, and particularly their complaints. People complain. I complain. I’ve spoken about this topic before. Today it just hit me differently. Maybe because I have an actionable way of dealing with my complaints.
I call it my “List of Things I Have to Do.” It’s literally a list of what has to be accomplished. The list is hand-written and I cross off items when they have been accomplished. Some things have already been crossed off. The beard and hair trims were there and worked out. Disposing of much of my stuff was there, and accomplished.
There is much more to be completed. All of this will come in time. I have decided this.
I know exactly what I want from Life. And I know exactly what I must accomplish in order to fulfill this. I have also decided this and I am confident in my ability to do so.
If you’re complaining without a way to improve said complaint, just shut the fuck up. You’re wasting time. We only get this one Life. Do you really want to waste it away complaining? If you do, that’s your business. Get our of my way and watch me make my Life the maximum awesome that it will be.
The Universe provides.

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