555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 63

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 63.
Time Awake: 8:33 a.m.
Today’s video is actually two. My digital camera decided to go to sleep in the midst of the recording. Being the diva that it is, the camera slept all day and I finished my thoughts at night.
Also, I got the number of the day wrong. It’s sixty-three, despite me saying sixty-two. These things happen.
Am I going to talk about signs again? Of course I am! They are numerous and continue to be a thing. Today’s signs were two separate parts of a piece written by Dana Warrior, the wife of the late Ultimate Warrior. Two sections of her article struck me hard and reminded me that I am doing what I need to be doing, and to move forward.
I had an interesting conversation today where I was asked about this project, what its purpose is and what will come from it. This project is the next step in the journey since the “365 Days of Gratitude” project that I underwent. In that journey, I learned to enjoy my days, find the good in each of them, and inadvertently learned authenticity and living with my heart on my sleeve (or shoulder).
The “555 Days” project takes what I’ve learned and applies more DOing to those principles. One thing that plagues people and I can’t stand is stagnation. I’ve lived in stagnation for many years of my Life. I won’t move forward or grow living that way. Now I apply “maximum effort” (thanks, Deadpool) to achieve the goals that I have for myself.
Despite speaking about goals last in the second part, they are a major part of why I am doing these videos. I have distinct goals. Many of them are written down. I am making the effort to achieve these goals. And I know I will. Remaining steadfast with DOing will yield these victories.
The target audience for this project is not just myself. It’s not even the audience who are watching and reading (thanks to all of you). The progression of videos exist for my niece and nephew (my niece is six months today!). If at some point in their young lives, they lack personal confidence or need some guidance, I would like to think they can look to me and say, “Hey, Uncle Michael was able to make positive change for himself. We can do this too.”
Or maybe they’ll never need such a thing. That idea is even better.



My Niece! Six months old!

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