555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 64

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 64.
Time Awake: 7:20 a.m.
I have written before about personal maintenance, dressing the part. Whether it be the clothing you wear or your personal appearance, it’s optimal to look your best. It’s the appearance you give off that attracts what you need to yourself.
So if you or I look like a schlub, schlubbiness will attract. And if I or you look our best, that which we are working towards attracting and achieving.
Of course, the external influences the internal, and vice versa, and suddenly the two work in concert.
It’s easy to look to the bigger stuff — clothing, hair — and ignore smaller things. But the so-called smaller things are actually just as important in the overall picture of ourselves.
I have this thing on my thumb, which I’ve just presumed to be a callous due to the nature of my employment. And it’s been there. For a while. Like most people do with things that just appear, I just accepted its presence and kept on with my daily life.
But that’s not the most prudent way to handle it.
Being aware of bodily changes is great, but not every change has to be passively accepted. In this case, there is a very simple over-the-counter method to handle the nuisance on my thumb. And if for any reason, the OTC method doesn’t work, there are professionals who specialize in treating and removing these things.
My hands can indeed once again be nice and smooth.
Tending to all things in one’s Life, physical and otherwise, leads to Maximized Self. And takes Maximum Effort (thank you Deadpool for the Life mantra). Yes, tending to self is absolutely worth it.

Credit: The Internet.

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