555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 73

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 73.
Time Awake: 8:00 a.m.
(Despite what I say in the video, it is day 73)
Previously, I have talked about self-maintenance. Looking your best. Dressing the part. But there is another version of self-maintenance, the Internal.
How we feel about ourselves is how we act regarding ourselves.
I have a friend, someone I’ve known for a few years, who had an excellent job. He was one of the top in his field, excellent at what he did. For whatever reason, he lost this job. Now, he is homeless, sleeping on various couches, in cars and in the park.
What happened?
To even allow this to be so is self-value. He got caught up in woe-is-me, Life didn’t go the way he planned. He didn’t take the actions necessary to help himself.
If I could help him, I would. It’s not feasible for monetary reasons. And also, sometimes you can do things for people but ultimately they go back into the same bad patterns. It’s the internal self-maintenance that needs working on just as much as the outer.
Know yourself. Know how you feel about yourself. If something isn’t right, address the situation or feeling. You can do the best for you. I can do the best for me. It just take a combination of valuing the Self and taking appropriate action.
We only get this one Life. Let’s live it the right way.



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