555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 107

555 Days Towards Level 9000: Day 107.
Time Awake: Roughly 8:30 a.m.
Each day there are numerous tasks to be completed. Sometimes it feels like 24 hours aren’t enough. Sometimes it seems that there just isn’t time to get all the things done.
A method to make getting everything done easier and more time efficient is called Lumping. With lumping, you take multiple tasks that might seem unrelated and do them together. The brain processes them as one single task and flows accordingly.
For example, I need to go outdoors every day. I crave soaking in the sun and being out in nature for hours. But there are also many other things to get done. Instead of not doing one of them, I’ve combined multiple things with outdoors. I lump Hungryman Breakfast with being outdoors. I set up my exercise mat and do the morning routine while outdoors.
Lumping. It’s one of my favorite time utilization methods. Try it and you will find more time than you thought you had.

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